Little King’s Story


With his newfound powers of persuasion, the little boy began working to raise Alpoko from the depths of obscurity and poverty into the dizzying heights of absolute power and prosperity. With Howser offering effective advice and unrestrained ambition, and the citizens of Alpoko sharing his grandiose plans (whether they want to or not), the little boy marches ever onward to his ultimate goal of World Domination!



Once upon a time there was a young boy named Corobo. He was a shy, withdrawn boy with few friends. One day while wandering the forest near his village he came across a crown infused with a mysterious power; the power to charm any person and make them follow any order. No sooner has Corobo placed the crown upon his head than an adventurer, the bull-knight Howzer, appears. Howzer informs Corobo that he is now the king of his town and that it is his responsibility to become the best king ever. With that Corobo returns to his village and with the assistance of Howzer and two other newly discovered royal advisors, begins his efforts to turn his sleepy little hamlet into the best kingdom ever.

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Steam, Wii


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