Ragnarok Odyssey


Since ancient times, mankind and the Sundered Land were always divided by what was called the “Millennium Peaks” — a range of mountains even a flying dragon couldn’t cross. Naturally, mankind had thus always been curious about the seemingly inaccessible territory, wondering what secrets it may hold. And in an ironic twist of fate, that curiosity and thirst for knowledge and adventure would be fulfilled in a most unwelcome way.

Crude Humor, Fantasy Violence, Language, Mild Blood, Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol

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Now, the kingdom of Rune Midgard is fighting valiantly for the survival of their country against the invading giants. The war has been fierce thus far, with massive casualties, but the resilient humans have managed to keep the giants at bay — if only temporarily. In an effort to prevent any further invasion by these intractable foes, those in power ordered an enormous fortress built at the entrance to the Sundered Land, to stand as a last barrier of hope and help contain the monsters. The residents of the kingdom may never return to their once peaceful way of life, but they will fight for whatever measure of prosperity they can still find. Their one and only reason to be has been ingrained into every citizen and turned into a rallying cry that echoes throughout the land: “Fight against the giants, and survive!”

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